Starting From a Clean Codebase

I'm going to be starting my coding over. It's getting out of hand.

I'm feeling better about the whole thing now.

Truth be told, I was trying to re-use some of the code I'd written for the first concept I tried coding (The one with skeletal animation)

That said, I'm happy to say that I should have a playable game by Sunday. :-)

I'm not sure what all I'll have as far as fancy things like menus, maps, and the like, but it should be playable. I may not have all of my characters done, though. :P

Anyway, I'm happy to say that I'm feeling a good deal less pissy with the prospect of a new codebase. With all that, the project is back on! Yatta!

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I'm hoping you finish! :)

(Regarding your previous post) Don't feel bad about thinking you're not going to finish a game. I never know either if I'm going to finish my Pyweek or not, but somehow I manage to submit something, even if it's not what I originally intended. Right now, I don't feel confident at all I'm going to finish, but I have a feeling I'll manage to submit something. Just don't give up. :)

Try writing a simple idea down and the design of every possible aspect of the game you can think of. Then make a compromise that you're not going to do anything more than you wrote until you finish what you wrote.

Also, ambition is not always bad. Most of the times, you can get away with doing only a fraction of what you originally intended. This is actually something that happens to me a lot. If you manage to wrap that fraction up well, people might not even realize it's an incomplete game.

My advice is don't give up and don't feel bad for cutting parts from your game. I never had a Pyweek game where I didn't end up cutting a bunch of things off. Of course, the ideal is to avoid it, but think of it as part of the "game in one week" process, not as an unfortunate, unexpected event.

I may be cutting down the number of playable characters.
Twenty-six is too many. X-D

Actually, if I cut it down to just one character, one boss, two terrain types (Ground and spikes), and three enemies... I can have it done easily. :O

I think that's the best thing I can do for myself. :-)

I get too stressed out when I plan too big. I need to relax. Heck, that's why I was excited to not have any classes this summer!

I need to think about all of this. I'm definitely cutting my plan back a bunch, though. ^_^

Good plan! Always start big, but don't be afraid to cut things down to a manageable size. I can't believe you planned 26 playable characters!!! Well, good luck :)