It's been a slow art day in that I didn't get as much done as I had wanted. Been working on the mockup for one level, here's the results. Thumbnail cause its ridiculously long now.

Once I fill out the last part of this mockup I will have maybe one more location to do. I think. I swear we're planning this and totally not making this up as we go along! After the locations are done I guess I'll be turning my attention to character art and animation.

To commemorate emo monday (too many real life friends getting 'mo, including myself) heres Jeff Buckley


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Too... good...
That looks great! Will there be horizontal scroll or is it all played pixel-sized? That would be original! :)
excellent -- reminds me of 'beneath a steel sky' crossed with 'police quest'. Good luck!
I already said it on irc but I'm saying it again: wow. :)
That is just amazing, can't wait to play it!
Thanks! Reading these comments are re-energizing me for doing more graphics today, hopefully much faster this time. We should have updates on the engine front soon. BLOOOOM!
Bloom shader or just BLOOOOM? :D
Ha ha, we probably won't have a bloom shader again but I'll be try to whip gord into making a shader to emulate the look of the Superbrothers videos which is pixelart that's textured.
Really? A shader? What are you using? I'm sticking to plain pyglet, altough I'm sure I'm not grasping half its power...

@woodwolf - I write my own engines based on opengl.

I'm gonna try and get that look going with shaders, I know how to do it, it shouldn't be hard Its just that right now theres so much that needs doing on the 'getting the game done!' front :)

... also there prolly will be some sort of bloom ;) just not like last time where I used it basically to hide the problems with the lighting engine looking a bit wonkly, I'll do a kind of bloom that mearly exists to make very bright things (such as a sun) look actually bright rather than a circle of white, I like that kind of bloom, if you do it right, no one ever notices its there :)

oh, and to everyone else, nah nah nah NAAAAHHH naaaah, zerobytes on my team :P i get the great artist guy :P