Seriously reconsidering things...

The skeletal animation system just isn't elegant. I tried my hardest, but it just won't come together.

That said, I'm going to refocus on making sprite art for the game. I think it'd look better, should it come together right, and it would make my life loads easier.

I know this is coming just after a post about my plans for the system, but it's just growing and growing, and I know well enough to abandon it now instead of slaving away at it only to run out of time. :P

My game concept is still the same, but will be simplified as far as enemies go: There will only be a few types of enemy.

I'm thinking this will help me greatly in the end.


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Yeah, skeletal animation is pretty hard and time-consuming. Good luck with your entry, I'm looking forward to it!
For the next time, cocos2d has a skeletal animation system and it comes with an editor!
I will keep it in mind.

Truth be told, the main reason I'm not using cocos2d is because I don't like using high-level libraries. ( Something I need to get over :P )

cocos2d is a fabulous library, though, and I think I should be willing to try something like it next time. ^_^