My Game -- Thoughts

I've been fiddling with Retrogamelib a bit, and have found it to be pretty nice, but it's also a tad high-level for my tastes, so I may or may not use it. It's a very nice engine, but I think I'd be happier with just pygame. :/

Probably something involving a cute little character named Scuppers. He would be the cutest little whatever-he-wound-up-being that I'd ever sprited.

Tatlin's Tower
Here, I'd avoid the historical failed project, and do something fictional. It would be about a young hero trying to climb the tower fortress of the evil (And completely made-up) God Tatlin, so he could rescue the soul of his older brother, which Tatlin stole for the fun of it.

Picture this:A warrior whose kingdom had been taken over by an evil wizard. The warrior is the illegitimate son of the king, who had an affair with a maidservant (Hence, he is half-sovereign). The warrior must defeat the wizard's army, and restore his father to the throne!

Get off my lawn!
You are Rudolph Kruntzerpants, an old man with a problem. A group of little kids keeps intruding on peoples' lawns. Being an inventor, you have built a kid-capturing weapon which places the little rats into cages, so their parents can ground them. Only you, a crotchety old engineer, stand between your neighborhood and total chaos!

Sleeping Bears
Bears have taken over the nation's capitol! The military has been decimated, and the UN isn't sending help because of threats of protest from PETA! It is up to Stephen Colbert to save the Greatest Most Best Country God Ever Gave Us On The Face Of This Earth from the bears!

I like that last one the best :-)

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o.O too high-level? Wow, we were trying to keep it as low-level has possible. :S Oh well. I liked your Get off my lawn! idea best, that was really good/funny.
I admit, I'm one who likes to have things very low-level. I tend to implement my own sprites and group, for example ^_^;

And thanks on the Get off my lawn! compliment. I liked that idea, too. :-)