First impressions on the themes

It's not my intention to influence the theme voting, but since some people threw around some impressions on the themes, I'd like to throw my first impressions too.

Scuppers: Given the wikipedia definition, I would have no idea what to do with this theme. But according to this, it can also mean ambush or endanger. That does sound interesting, a game where you have to make or avoid ambushes. Still, it's not my favorite.

Tatlin's Tower: I like the concept, but it sounds somewhat closed to interpretation. On the other thread, saluk put some other interpretations of it, but I still can't think of anything that doesn't involve an actual tower. We've already had towers in Pyweek 4 ("The only way is up"), and we've already had twisted things in Pyweek 5, not to mention LD12 was about towers too. Therefore, I'd rather have another theme.

Half sovereign: First thing I thought wasn't the coin, but a king with half the power he's supposed to have. I like this one; sounds like it can lead to some nice ideas if people don't focus so much on the coin itself. On another thread, pymike was worried there would be too many stock exchange games, but I don't think that would happen, most of us know what's boring and what's not. Fighting dragons like saluk suggested is a nice interpretation, too. Or you could simply connect it to a Civilization-style game as j-1 suggested on another thread (I didn't think of it before j-1 mentioned it).

Get off my lawn: I like this one very much if you don't need to interpret a lawn as an actual lawn, but as a (home-like) territory like saluk said on another thread. In that case, it can be a lot of things: a war between countries, street turf wars, tower defense, a puzzle game about eliminating pieces, etc. Pretty much anything with a territory you can call your own where you have to kick the enemy out of it (or try not to be kicked out of an enemy territory). Even the intended idea of kicking the enemy out of a lawn sounds like fun. This one is the one most open to interpretation, in my opinion.

Sleeping bears: At first, I didn't have any ideas for this one, but then I googled it and found a link with the title, "Sleeping bears aren't meant to be poked". The link doesn't talk about actual bears, but I could imagine some funny games involving poking bears. :P Or maybe games where you have to sneak around sleeping bears, that sounds fun. Also, maybe you could interpret bears as powerful things instead of actual bears. I like this one.

So far, I have no good specific ideas for any of them. I'm considering my first impressions based on their potential for interesting ideas. Overall, I like the themes. I'll be thinking of ideas throughout the week. I've already voted and it wasn't a hard choice for me, but I might change it according to whatever ideas I have.

Remember that most likely other people have different opinions, so there's not much point in voting based on what I or others like or dislike. Vote on what you like or dislike.

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I did some brain-storming last night, and I've changed my #1 choice to Half Sovereign - I've got a really cool idea for it. I have some decent ideas for the rest of the themes, except Scuppers, which I'm not too worried about as people aren't liking it that much. :)
Well, scuppers has many meanings... not all of them related to destruction! In fact, a search in Google images show that is more related to... Gargoyles! They are rain spouts! :D And that's pretty cool for a game!