Practice Runs

I'm planning four practice runs before the compo. I'm having a friend of mine pick the themes for me.

The first one started about an hour ago (12:55 PM EDT), and I'm getting right to it

My first practice theme is: Swordplay

I'm making a sci-fi platformer aiming for the look and feel of a platformer one might have on their PDA. I'm using the theme by giving the player a beam sword, and also making them a relatively common weapon amongst the enemies.

The idea for making a platformer in this particular style came from a game I used to have on my Palm Pilot(c). I forget the title (Something along the lines of Rick Dangerous, I think), but the style of the game has stuck with me.

I'd be happy to post each game as they're finished, if anyone is interested ^_^


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Excellent! Good luck! I'd love to see the results of your practice runs.