Graphics coming along; still a little rusty

ok, having completed and verified that no bugs remained in the graphics engine, i finally get to polish up the graphics.

heretofore i'd been testing with an embarrassingly bad model of a town i whipped up in a few minutes early in the week:

about an hour ago i began working on the real scenery. here's a sample of what i got so far:

i know, i know. it still looks pretty bAd and sPazzy, but best i could do in an houR. i guess my modelIng skilLs are a little rusty. unFortunately, the game engine was harder than i expected. i was only getting a disappOinting 140 frames per second; spent quite a Lot of time getting up to a satiSfactory 200.

i'm hoping i can come up with something that looks presentable in the next few hours. oh well.

good luck, everyone!

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You did this in a week!? And 140 FPS is bad?? Am I missing out on some joke?

(Said the person who worked on an ATARI-like shump all week. ;-)

I think 140 fps with such amazing models is good.
Ooh. I see it. Good one, aerojockey. :)
Those picture are very impressive!
I'm guessing April 1st :)
I'm lucky if I get 70 FPS just drawing a colour shaded quad on my machine.
Gah! That's what I get for staying up past midnight, I guess.

Seriously, though. Good luck!