Day 3, Where's the Gameplay?

Day 3! We're looking real shiny on the engine and art asset side, but we're still asking ourselves where the gameplay is though. Most important thing and we're still not there. We also don't have a name for the game yet but I think we're tying it to the theme with the Indian Rope Trick. Don't hold me to that though, we haven't even found the gameplay yet! It did suggest the art direction of the game to me though so I'm pretty happy with that.

Assets! I might be trying to intentionally give people nightmares with my assets. First Devika's joker-esque smile and now these two guys:

Due to PyODE's trimesh support being broken in Ubuntu, our levels are made up of mostly boxes and spheres. This limitation gave gord an inspired idea to use inkscape as our level editor. He had this thing running on the second day but it's more feature packed now.

Saving the best for last, here's gord's uber bloom and sketch shader. It looks really great in motion!

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Looking very cool :) Go team Cine-Science Logic!!
Too much goodness.
Wow, I can't really imagine how Inkscape is used as a level editor... do you save the drawing in xml or something like that? The screenshot looks gorgeous!
we used inkscape as a level editor on our entry for the last pyweek. its really awesome. we painted parts blue for water, some dots for cities, lines for roads, etc. worked perfectly.
And then how do you read Inkscape files? Do you need some extra libraries or is Inkscape able to save the drawing in a readable format?
Inkscape saves as svg, which by definition is xml, which as you can gather, is a quite readable format :)