24 hours later

Patrick and I spent the first couple hours sweltering and discussing ideas for "Length of a piece of string". We're both big fans of Atari, NES, and arcade games of the 80s, so we took our inspiration from Double Dragon and River City Ransom, and decided to make a Brawler where your weapon is a yo-yo. We loved animating the character in Subterraneman, so we decided to bring him back for this, and make it a bit of a sequel.

This time around, we have arcticclear as a new team member - she is just learning Python, and has animation experience.

Last night, Patrick worked on some initial yo yo attacks (seeking inspiration from youtube) and I learned pyglet well enough to make a scrolling level. Today we integrated our codebases, and I added enemy spawning, trigger zones, and masked off the boundaries of where you can walk on a map.

Screenshot up shortly...

edit: linked in screenshot

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Oh, that's AWESOME :)
Goonies2 for NES had a yoyo weapon! Looking forward to this game.
Brawlers for the win! Your programmer art hurts my eyes though. Hope you get that fixed soon. ;)