Other awards

According to the rules page:

Judging will be done in three categories rated 1-5:

  • Fun
  • Innovation
  • Production (graphics, sound, polish)
  • Overall

Gold, silver and bronze awards will be given for each category.

Do these gold, silver and bronze awards get recorded anywhere? It seems like it would be nice to have some more recognition for those games which didn't win, but did make an impression in one category or another. Perhaps a little button or banner that people could add to their websites, advertising these awards.

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This has been proposed every competition I think - the problem is no one has made the images for the awards, so richard hasn't implemented them, assuming I recall this correctly...

Speaking of which - I was meaning to do that before this pyweek - thanks for the reminder LOL :)
And maybe we could have awards for other things, IE:Best interpretation of the theme, most spectacular failure, least development time used, etc.

Not that "Most spectacular failure" is an award to fight over, though ;-)
This has not been done because there's no artwork to award :)

And I'd need to write some additional code.

Other awards would be nice too, but there's no framework in the site code to award them.

If someone produces some artwork that's awesomely cool I promise to look at coding the code :)

To heck with that! Let's just make an award thread and if you think someone deserves an award you post it in the thread with your homemade( or copy right infringed) award image.
I figured it'd be nice to have awards appear on profile pages, now that users have them.
I guess I could make some SVG trophies... if someone can post a list of awards I can try to make a few :-)
@richard: Whatever you implement will be awesome. I'm just saying we can and should do something award related regardless of whatever gets coded this pyweek.