new CQ Robot version

I created a new version of my game CQ Robot. This version includes the following new features (thx to claxo):
- A help screen!
- Levels are better ballanced than in my rushed final version :)
- Changed the level file line endings to unix, hoping that it will help the unix (linux/mac) guys to play my game. There were several errors with the pickle module that i used to store my level data.
- The performance fix that i also entered in the wiki.
- Switch fullscreen mode on/of.
- The ball probabilities are now nearly equal over time.

btw: if you cannot start the game, then open a console, change to the directory of and start the game. It may help.

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btw: Just to make this clear. This version is not to rated and judged due to the official pyweek. It's just an enhanced version that i made in the past days. So download it, have fun but don't rate it!