To-do list for version 2

This isn't an announcement, just a note to myself. I wasn't sure I would be revisiting this game, but now I think it would be a good learning experience. I shan't get to it until after judging, since I'm busy enjoying the other entries now! :-)

First, I need a much better grip on inheritance in python and also python containers. The class hierarchy for buildings in the game seems ideal for inheritance, but right now it's a total mess. So I'm going to try to find a good python tutorial. I also want to work on optimizing the cellular automaton. I think it could cause lag on slower computers. I'm also learning things like separating data from code by looking at the other entries. So I'm expecting to completely rewrite the code once.

I also hope for some good anonymous feedback from the judging. As for features I already want to add or change:

I think I will not add more levels. I'm big on a game not having more levels than its variety of gameplay justifies. What I might possibly do, though, is have an Easy mode (which will pretty much bet what it is now) and a Normal mode (with the additional features).

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I compiled a list of resources for pyweek back at the first one. It's since been moved to the wiki.

Good luck!

Glad you continue developement, its a nice game.
Sugestion: if the player tries to drop a building that will not currently build (due to out of distance), make a beep and dont drop
@claxo - actually I think the current behavior is good. you can always build out your factories and power to that building later. The problem is when you think you've found a spot that is powered and in factory range, but turns out you didn't - so if it was a little easier to tell the difference that'd be great. Hmm, maybe some sort of visual indication before you drop, like if you're over a non-factory-range spot the building you are holding could be grey or something.