pyglet problems?

Thanks to PyWeek, a small number of bugs in pyglet have been reported -- and promptly fixed.

If you wrote a game in pyglet this time round and ran into any problems: a bug, a workaround that was needed, something that wasn't documented correctly, something that you couldn't figure out... please let me know! I'm not (very) clairvoyant and don't hear about these problems unless you tell me :-)

Also, if you're playing someone's game that you think uses pyglet and are having some problems that are possibly platform-related, I'd be keen to learn about them too.

I understand that filing a bug report is an awful lot of trouble, so please feel free to just add your comments here.


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This is not a bug report but a feature request.
How about pyglet checking at startup the dependencies and emiting an apropiate error message?
python version, name and version of modules required by pyglet, that is for those non in the standart python ditribution.
Its not a wow!! feature but would be a nice detail.
pyglet already does this for its one required module: ctypes (for Python 2.4; it's in the 2.5 stdlib).
It would be nice to have something similar for AVBin. I understand that it's not a "dependency" as such, but it does get used a lot by Pyglet developers (often without realising). Perhaps a more informative message when exiting with a or similar, in the absence of AVBin?
A great idea, and one that I just kept forgetting to implement. I'll be fixing this up with issue 266 when I get around to it.

Also, as of r2000:

>>> import pyglet
(or False, as the case may be...)
Running "Make Me" on Intel OSX 10.4. It crashes when I pick up the spider legs and try to walk.
File "/Users/clint/Desktop/pyweek6-games_04-07-2008/make_me/pyglet/media/drivers/openal/", line 113, in __init__
raise OpenALException('Unsupported audio format.') Unsupported audio format.

Here's my full error. Not sure what the cause or solution is, but it's perhaps a platform-specific issue.
This audio problem is known; it's because the sound file "clunk.wav" is 24 bits. You can work around the problem by installing AVbin (included with the Mac OS X pyglet distribution), by downsampling that file to 16 bits, by replacing that file with any other 16 or 8 bit WAV file you have handy (for example, one of the other files), or by just turning off sound at the menu screen.

We're planning to release a patched up Make Me which resolves this issue, as well as some minor collision bugs, saves games to disk and makes use of the light you can put on your head. We'll probably put this out along with Windows and Mac OS X distributions after the judging period ends.

That's so odd, because I've installed the latest Pyglet OSX distribution, as well as installed AVBin by itself, and Pyglet games now run fine for me, but I'm still getting this crash error.

If Pyglet is installed and working fine, then it seems like AVbin should be as well (because it's included in the install). I'm really rather puzzled.

I'm assuming other people have successfully run this game on OSX?
we had serious problems using pyglet sound/music (rev. 1993)
I will try to build a test program that reproduces the bugs.
@riq: I had to disable sound in your game because pygame sound wouldn't init!
@HanClinto: it's been tested without issue (with AVbin) on at least 5 OS X machines. If you can hear music during the menu screen, then AVbin has been found and is working fine -- so the crash at that point is quite odd.

On the other hand, if you can't enable music then AVbin probably hasn't been installed (perhaps a permissions issue?).

@richard: yes, our sound engine was somewhat ugly. We started using pyglet's sound, then we migrated to pygame's, and we ended up using pyglet's and pygame's... ouch.

@alex, @richard: added bug #290