Resume so far

This was my second pyweek and so far it went better than i thought. In the last competition i commited a program that nearly had no graphics and wasn't that playable.

This time i put in some graphics that are nice (for my talent) a d also made a thing that can be called a game. I finished 6 levels, each playable and the great thing is, that it is fun to play the game.

Yeah, it's not that easy with the fun. At thursday i played my game and thought... Damn, it looks better than the last time, but the gameplay is boring. So i changed the way then collected balls where handled and it turned out, that i made the right decision.

On the other hand, in the last hours i replayed the whole thing and found several things to improve: The levels are not well balanced (level 4+6 are easier than i want them to be), i had no real help screen but explained the gameplay with hint screens and for the most i located a performance problem with some computers.

The good thing is, that i managed to fix all these things. The bad is, that i didn't made it in time (had no time to build the md5)... So i will post v2 tomorrow and you can play the director's cut :)

I look forward to the end of the judging phase and meanwhile i enjoy your great contributions (many of you produced some really nice stuff!)

btw: The game still has no sound... This is a thing that i will spend more time on during the next pyweek.

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My experience was more or less the same: this was also my second pyweek, and this time I wanted to work a little bit on the graphics. I made my own artwork using inkscape, and even though it's very simple I was happy with the result. I tried to add some background music and sound effects, but between the time limit and my girlfriend needing some attention I decided to call it done. I'll probably add the sound to my game now that pyweek is finished, so at least I know how to do it during the next pyweek.

I also felt that some of my levels were unbalanced. I only managed to make 5 levels before running out of ideas, and I wanted to make them progressively harder (of course) and in a way that each level would teach the player something he could use on later levels.

I'll give your game a try today and post the feedback on the other post.

The main point is balanced.

see you in next pyweek!!