Core game all done

I'm into polish mode now. Stuff like maybe more levels, some sound, maybe some music. Maybe more ways of the Colossus fighting back if I can think of them (had ideas about little robot-helicopters that had finite steam supplies).

Art-wise I need to draw some pipes running from the boilers to the Colossus. There should be other random pipes too. Also, the boilers need better damage states, and the fires need to flicker.

It's playable - download it :)

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nice game man.. its' really fun to play.
The game's a bit on the easy side as it is. Even if you don't care about the steam it's pretty easy to just destroy enough of the boilers quickly to win the game before the steam kills you. Also it seems like you can win the game without even going to the other side of the colossus. Still, I can see a fun game forming in there. :-)
Visually the game is very nice. I'm a big fan of good pixel graphics. :-) You might want to add some details if you have extra time, to make it more interesting. Oh, and you might want to move the colossus to the center of the screen. It looks a bit off-balance right now. :-P
Yeah, making the game actually challenging is part of my plan :)

Lots of little details to go like that :)

I kept wanting to jump the steam beams or jump and hit things :) but its fun.

Coolness! It actually took me a couple of goes before I won.. didn't realise the steam was hurting me :-)

Some death sequences would be good... big and impressive and kind of disturbing and depressing like the *other* sotc ;-)

Problem: I haven't played the *other* sotc :)