I have a starting screen and an ending screen. That's enough for me; I'm calling it done! I didn't get to add the last plot bit that I wanted, so there's a useless building in the game (warhead). Oh well.

I guess I'm done "packaging" it, whatever that means. I just renamed my main file to and copied over the file. I hope that's good enough. I wound up having to go without sound, and I don't use too many weird features, so I'm hoping it'll work just fine on Windows and Mac, even though I can't test it. (I realized at the last minute that most Mac users can't right-click, so I added a keyboard shortcut just for them.) :-D

This game makes very heavy use of alpha filtering. I imagine it would be unplayable without that feature.... But most systems should support that, right?

You can download it here for now. And just because everyone else is doing it:

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I like the colors. little bugfix: at line 167 of change self.buildspeed = 0 to self.buildspeed = 1 #else no building is finished
0 is what I meant to put. It should be more than zero as long as it's within range of a Factory (the blue F). Do the buildings finish if you build them within blue circles?
The factory will not build without energy, there are not pre-built factories in the map, if .builspeed=0 you cant build a energy plant without a factory. catch22. Download and test, just in case. Anyway, kudos for the game. Looks very well for 48hrs!!
Ah I see the problem. There is a prebuilt Factory, but it's not visible from the starting point. Try pressing C.
Ouch!! Sorry, man, you are right. Not enought atention to the readme. -me blushes- Good luck in the compo !