Idea: Postweek challenge

Talking in #pyweek about how some games are great but are never packaged/finished, I suggested about implemented a "post-week challenge".

It would be a challenge with similar rules to pyweek but one or two months after it. Instead of starting from scratch and following a theme, you have to pick a game from any old pyweek, and work improving it...

What do you think?

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Perhaps the ones who didn't finish in time could be judged separately, some weeks later?
But the main idea is to make the games grow beyond pyweek, and just rejudging will not add to that...
I like it :D
Whoever started that conversation is brilliant.
Eugman you rascall :) A lot of us feel kind of bad that within a week 5 million new games get started, but none of them ever get finished. It would be cool if pyweek could be more of a jumping off for real games than just the cool sandbox of ideas that it is.
That's an interesting idea. Although rather than another pressure-cooker session, I think I would rather see something like a showcase event some period of time after the competition, to give people a chance and incentive to work on polishing their own games.

Often I'd like to develop my entry further, but by the time I've got it into shape, everyone has moved on and forgotten about it, which doesn't leave me with much motivation.

We could call it the Pyggy Awards or something, and perhaps hold it 3 months after pyweek, putting it in between and giving people something to look forward to during the off-season.

What do people think?

No, My family cann't support me:

let me work one month or two month in GAME.
Three months past deadline sounds good enough. :)
I really like this idea, dmoisset.
Great idea. Remember that you will be able to upload new files to your entries once the 2 week judging period is over.
Thats an awesome idea. Insentive to add polish is always good.. (as they say 'the first 95% is the easy bit')