Robofusion Alpha!

Okay, so the gameplay is not really there, but I got all the physics in, projectiles now correctly respond to enemies, the firepower guy has homing rockets!! and you can go back and forth between in-game and the menu.

Try out the alpha (no gameplay really yet) Download Me

A note on the various types of gameplay: Climber level when you latch onto the vines, use up and down to move up and down. You can go infinitely in either direction, and error out, so just pretend this works :)
For the anti-gravity level, press and hold up and press jump, or vice versa, and you will flip gravity! You can only flip once per landing.
For the running stage, not a whole lot to this one yet.
Firepower stage you can shoot homing rockets! Blow up the robots with ctrl, theres a bug thats making the enemies not actually "go away" so the missiles will target ghosts. I will resolve this soon..