You Only Thought They Were Human!


See! My game does go with the Robot Theme!!! :)

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No, I don't like it.
One of the themes for next PyWeek should be "Shoe Horn" ... Haha.
Eek! That's a freaky picture!

Haha. I think that's hilarious. :)

Dan's PlanetCute graphics always had antennas on this boy sprite -- whether that means he's a martian or a robot sortof seemed left up for debate. Kfields' additions make it more obvious, but I sortof view this sprite as a cute little alien/robot boy who is alongside these human female sprites.


Oops, I should have mentioned this is just a joke sprite based on the Terminator. It will not appear in the game and in fact will probably never be seen again! It's creeping me out too. DELETE! DELETE!
Love it! Hope it's as interesting as the title and image!!!