Platformer's Paradise!

Heh, I guess the word "robot" gets everyone pretty amped up for Megaman style games including me :D I've just noticed that something like 6 entries are platformers! Which don't get me wrong is awesome! I thought Barbie Seahorse Adventure was brilliant.

I have more progress on my game, got some more tiles going, trying to get the GUI fully done before I actually finish the game, this way I'm not struggling last minute to add in the health, lives, etc. The level editor has been a pretty awesome tool as well!

Tonight I should be able to whip out some pretty decent gameplay elements as the wife has a work thing till 9pm, and I have nothing going on for about 4 hours tonight :D

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Where's Dr. Wily? :) MegaMan is one of my all time favorites. Keep up the good work!