Day Four Summary

Here's the snapshot of our work thus far, not on this server due to size:

Alright. Not much actual hard coding done today, but a lot of progress. I put in the basic state switching needed to make it go from an engine into a game. Played around with sound and graphics and other pretty baubles. Some things still don't work quite right, but that's a battle for another day. Erik and I spent about 2 hours trying to squish Drew's 11 meg wav file of our intro music into something manageable before TenjouUtena pointed out that yes, we are retarded and pygame does ogg by default. There was much rejoicing.

Under the hood I migrated yet more variables out of hard coding (damn we put in a lot of those) and made a configuration file for graphics settings and the like. Erik has been poking around with our actual steam mechanics and got the basics set up, though they don't actually affect the physics yet. Harry informed us that after being up until 2 am last night we have the groundwork for AI. A dumb AI, but that'll come with time. Cory, our big giant head, informed us that he's worked out several algorithms for the collision detection we'll be using. Drew sent in his first music sample and promised more on the way. Someone called looking for Scott, but we didn't know where he was either. Kate oooed and ahhhed. All in all, a good day.

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Spooky.. I used cows in my particle system to begin with too! So docile..
Oooh. Unlock the Secret Cow Level!

What do cows condense as?

Presumably condensed milk.