After four hours of trying to make my own tiles I gave in and used Danc's. In the process I may have bit off more than I can chew since now it's looking like RPG or something! It sure tastes good though! Once I get the engine going good I'll add some Robots and hopefully my own tiles. --> RoboCute Blog (p.s. you guys are making me jealous! wait till next PyWeek!)
RoboCute First Screenshot

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Ooo, I'm so scared ... not! I will unleash my robotic minions to bite out your wimpy little game's intestines and suck them up like udon noodles doused in pig blood! Tasty indeed! But the end result is not so cute ...
Looks good so far!
Thanks! Hopefully the game will live up to the quality of the graphics Danc did. In any case I intend to continue developing and using this to experiment with AI after the competition since C++ and 3D are a drag. Meaning, drag timewise. I love both, but Python is plain wicked!
Looks nice :) Can't wait to play it!