Spontaneous change of design

So robot it is....

It was obvious to me, that the robot theme was one of the most preferred but considering my 5 design ideas it was my number 4....

For those who might be interested, here are my ideas in short:

First Place: Jig - Arcade puzzle game where a bouncing ball has to pass a maze consisting of movable parts.

Second Place: Mashed - Worms like game with simple mash physics where you fire different types of mashed potatoes into a landscape to remove obstacles or fill holes to clear the way for Pete the potatoe bug.

Third Place: Formation - Realtime strategy game where you control a swarm queen that can send units to gather resources, build and upgrade units and defeat enemies.

Fourth Place: Robot - Tower Defense style game where waves of scrap are transported by a conveyor belt and the player can build different types of stationary industry robots to handle the scrap.

Fifth Place: Shuffle - Control a robot which consists of several segments (movement,body,head) which can be changed at platforms (movement=chains,wheels,spider legs,...). Each segment has pros and cons and are needed to guide the robot through different types of terrain and obstacles.

I'm not that satisfied with my robot and shuffle idea, so i tried to come up with something new..... And TADA!!! a shower in the morning can be very inspirational :)

Hold on for my next diary entry for my final robot theme design.