pygame 1.8 is released.

pygame 1.8 is released. So there...

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Umm, dang...
How backwards compatible is this version with the last?

Oh well I guess a bit of a challenge for pyweek could be learning the new version ;)
Pygame devs shouldnt of released it, according to the rules... Which means that we can't use the latest version this pyweek.
Well-known libraries are valid to use. There is comment about this from Richard 2 or 3 weeks ago. For example: The new releases of Panda3d, pyglet1.1a2 and pygame 1.8 are valid to use.
yea, but I'd be careful - many people are going to have pygame installed from their distro and if you use the new one it may be problematic for people to run your game.

This version is very backwards compatible with the previous releases. All new features are marked "New in pygame 1.8" in the documentation.

It's fine to install the new pygame - especially because of all the bug fixes.

I think most people in the competition will have installed the new version :)

*drinks more to celebrate the release*
Nope, I'm sticking with 1.7 for this comp, so if you use 1.8 I'll probably mark you as DNW (Did not work). And I expect not alot of peeps will either.
Ok John. Seems a little silly to me though :)
Given the difficulties I had installing 1.7 on Mac, there's no way in hell that I'm even trying to install the new Pygame. I won't mark anyone down for using it, assuming Richard is cool with it being used, but I won't be playing anything which uses 1.8.

I'm not sure what troubles you've had with pygame 1.7 Martin, but pygame 1.8 installs nicely on Mac.

We have two Mac maintainers now Brian and I.

For this comp, it's started, so I don't have time to enjoy the "cool" new features, which I probably will never use, extra hassle for nothing IMHO.