Goals for this Pyweek

So it's that time of the semester again. Treeforms playing with their Pandas, eugmans (eugmen? :P) making blocks, and the screams of "Rah rah Pyweek!".

I have the habit (well, since last Pyweek :P) of writing my goals for the Pyweek before it starts, so here it goes.

Not many goals, but there it is. I'm not aiming for sound and music, though if I have the time I'll add them, and maybe give Dr. Petter's sfxr a try. I also wanted to say good luck to everyone, may the Force be with you, etc etc. :)

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I'll write you some music if you'd like.
Thanks for the offer, but I'm fine.
goal: opengl and physics.
goal: play with Cocos + pyglet, refine the tile mapping stuff in Cocos and have some fun :)
Goal: have a "finished" game at the end - preferably one that is also fun to play.
My Goal: Don't plan too much :)

In the past two competitions, I spent a lot of time planning features that I didn't ever have time to add to the game. This time I am only going to plan one thing at a time. Start with the most basic skeleton possible, and then make it better.
goal: make something innovative and do it in opengl 3d (with ode if it is called for), and Finish It! Make it playable!
goal: either do a platformer or a tennis game with pygame, and rank high! :D