I hope the row boat theme wins.

Because I like ROBOTS.

pygame is the name of the game... making tool - that makes all others look like fools.


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How about please don't try to influence the vote?
I ranked robots last. *evil laugh*
i ranked robots first.. because my entry name has "robot" in it.. but as soon as i submitted i felt bad, because it felt like that would just be too obvious of a choice. However, in anticipation of it being the favorite (i mean, we are a buncha geeks here), I am trying to conceive of a game that does more than just feature robots, but instead involves automation and robotics as a concept.
aerojokey: ok, I won't.


Robots FTW!
I vote for Robots!!
Robots is one of the two that I can't come up with an idea for -_-
I don't even know what the other themes are. Let alone come up with ideas for them.

That's how much I like the ROBOT theme.
Lol I voted robots. Now I kind of hope something else wins :) Robots is too boring. I liked all of the themes, but ranked the theme that fit my already conceived idea of my game the highest. It feels a bit like cheating :(
Robots is the most boringest theme. saluk, you can vote again if you want. The voting page form can be resubmitted.
Thanks you irskep, someone agrees with me :D The only thing that I thought was cool about the robot theme was the video, but I really don't want to make a dancing game at all.