Question to the rules: Design Documents

Hi there!

I wonder how many details in a pre-created design document are allowed to use it during the one week development phase?

The thing is, that there will be 5 theme possibilities and i wanted use the week before the development phase to write a small design document (some organized notes and sketches) for every theme, so i have something when it comes to programming.


Do the rules allow, that for an extreme example i use the extra time in the week before programming to search for some free backgroundmusic, sounds and textures so i haved more time for programming. Or use my sketches as placeholders in the game (so maybe they will be in the final version). Or is it the best thing to use the design notes only as a guideline and do all the research and resource creation in the programming week?

For me as a single developer this is an interesting question and i think that maybe the strict way (don't use design sketches in the game) is safer but what is your opinion?

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As I've always stated, you can do as much research and planning as you like before the challenge starts. You just can't write any code :)

Anyone unclear on this should re-read the rules page. I believe they outline the intent of the challenge well enough.

If you do find some good resources for music, sound or artwork I'd encourage you to add them to the list found via the rules page.