ADMIN: torrent downloading

We're still waiting on a couple of final entries to come in. Once that's happened, Alex has volunteered to set up a bittorrent download. This will hopefully be done tomorrow night (Australian time, 24 hours from now).

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Thanks, Alex! That's going to be much more convenient. :)
The torrent has landed. Enjoy!
My entry doesn't appear to be part of the torrent file at all, even though it was submitted prior to the server meltdown. I'm wondering if it wasn't marked as final. :(
craigm: it's in there: 1398080 09-09-07 08:05 5/monkeytyper/twisted_twister.tar.gz
kukkerman: why advertise an unofficial torrent?
Well At least the second part was useful since I started on the first before.
Richard: because I offered to host a torrent on #pyweek (before Alex) and Treeform told me to go for it. Sorry for the interference. :(
Yeah, I've begun downloading on the official torrent. There's only 1 seeder, so it's going a little slow.
Of course, I'll seed for a while after I get it all :)
I was not able to find this one: "Detective Creation Kit (first_try)" in the unofficial torrent file - seems like it was missed somehow..