Day 7

Phew. I made it. It is done. Well, sort of. There's now 7 levels (1 intro, 1 boss, 1 extro, so actually 4). Didn't have time for any playtesting or packaging yet though.

Also, my actual vision seems all twisted right now, adjusting to the twisting in the game. All text here in a straight line looks like on a circle outline, and when moving the head, it all gets swirly.. not good :P

So, be warned, don't play this game for too long or it will negatively influence your vision.. :P

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> Also, my actual vision seems all twisted right now
I've sometimes wondered whether one's ability to perceive straight lines as straight is hard-wired into the brain, or whether it's somehow learned. Your experience suggests it might be learned, and you're starting to learn a different definition of "straight"...
richards:~/Desktop/allefant5 richard$ python
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 16, in 
  File "/Users/richard/Desktop/allefant5/lib/", line 11, in main
  File "/Users/richard/Desktop/allefant5/lib/", line 200, in main = Game(run.w, run.h)
  File "/Users/richard/Desktop/allefant5/lib/", line 21, in __init__
    self.background1 = Picture("clock.jpg")
  File "/Users/richard/Desktop/allefant5/lib/", line 8, in Picture
    pic = CachedPicture(path, area)
  File "/Users/richard/Desktop/allefant5/lib/", line 17, in __init__
    image = pygame.image.load(data.loadblock(path))
  File "/Users/richard/Desktop/allefant5/lib/", line 47, in loadblock
    io = StringIO(dump.index[filename])
KeyError: 'clock.jpg'
Are you on a non-Intel Mac? In that case, I do have a suspicion, can you try this: In lib/, line 27 says:
n = struct.unpack("=i", dump.mem[:4])[0]
Change this to:
n = struct.unpack("<i", dump.mem[:4])[0]
And the same in line 38, it should be:
o, l = struct.unpack("<ii", dump.mem[pos:pos + 8])
I sure was. I'll be back on that computer tomorrow and will check your solution.
I uploaded a version with this fixed (in case it does fix it), just in case who makes the torrent happens to read it: Allefant5 with this big-endian bug and another bug where GL sometimes would crash fixed