Pretty much done

Nope, this game is not original. A simple idea came into my head and I went with it.


  1. Add some music (maybe)
  2. Test on Windows, pyopengl 2.x
  3. Package, submit

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[And when I say it's not original, I mean it's not an original idea. It is original work. :)]
Fun. Works perfectly for me on Ubuntu.

I like the effect of the nucleotide jumping on the DNA. Now it just needs music and sounds.
Nicely (and quickly!) done, also love the animation. The easy level could be easier (it's about a medium of the DDRs I've played) -- even better if you can incorporate a tutorial.

If you've got the time (after adding music), you could go nuts on flashy effects (have the "Hit" text animate, add background video, jazz up the life bar). If it's not causing epilepsy, is it really a DDR clone? :-)

Thanks for the feedback. No more special effects are forthcoming, but a tutorial level is a good idea (it'd be simple to add; the machinery is all there already).