The “The Matryoshka Award for Unnecessary Nesting in Zip Files” Award

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Aquilam (Elite-Ra)


A mystery, A chase, and a fight!

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Addressing an error in the final entry

There is an error in the Final entry. In the last game (the fight), DO NOT use the move "The huge missile". The move will cause the game to crash, due to there being a typo in the code.

The typo can be fixed by changing line 30 in screens/ from what it is currently to:   

` "The huge missile": music_controller.play_the_huge_missile`, The H is capitalized in the submission, but it is not supposed to be. All other parts of the game work, and "The huge missile" will also work after this change.

All the binaries not marked with _fixed will also have this error.

We have updated the code and uploaded fixed files with the prefix _fixed. Please use these files to not face the error. We are not marking this entry as final, since it requires a code change and we didn't notice until now.