The “The Rayman Award for recognition of Detached Limb Syndrome” Award

Presented by rdb to:

Alone in the sea (chrisyan2000)

Alone in the sea - castaway surviving

You are trapped in the center of the ocean because of a ship wreck. Find ways to reach for help!

An Easter egg can be found on the top right island :D


The same set of instructions is also in game, you can check it by clicking the bottom right question mark.

Clicking on the question mark will pause the game, a very detailed instruction for the current objective can also be viewed by pressing [M]

  • [M] for map and additional hints for the objective
  • [C] for crafting, left click on a workbench for advanced crafting
  • [P] to open backpack, you can left click to move items
  • [A][W][S][D] to move your character
  • [B] to start building the raft, you can only build raft while you are on it
  • Left click on plants to harvest them
  • Left click the furnace with iron ore will get you iron
  • Left click while holding food will eat the food, while holding sapling or melon seed will plant it, while holding workbench, bucket, soil or furnace will place it.
  • Left click the objects on islands will collect it, for some objects you will need to hold a specific tool to collect them.
  • You lose the game when hunger or water reaches 0, the hunger and water bar are set to diminish at a very slow speed to give extra time for the player to get used to the controls.
Music copyrights can be found in the "copyright.txt" file

a sandbox survival game as a castaway ig