The “Award for inventing a pill that cures rope burn” Award

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Tower of Rapunzel (Pro Rogue)
OK, so. This might end up being rubbish.

A calendar week gives me so little actual development time. What with work and family and so on.
But that's the challenge.

You can write a poem in a week. You can write a song.
There must be some way you can come up with a game in that timespan too.

So, I'm all about stripping everything back so that it becomes a realistic possibility.
I'm going for a game that's rich in text, sparse on sound, and light on graphics.

Buggy or boring, though? We can't imagine yet where the finger will point.

Update: Instructions for use

Create a Python virtual environment (version 3.7 or above):
python3 -m venv torvenv

Install the game (the version number may differ):
torvenv/bin/pip install tower_of_rapunzel-0.6.0.tar.gz


Launch the server:

You should see this message:
======== Running on ========
(Press CTRL+C to quit)

Point your browser to that address: