The “Golden Cockatrice Award for the portrayal of arcane poultry” Award

Presented by wezu to:

Time Chicken (Chicken Coup)

A chicken which casts spells to control the flow of time and help The Demon Egg to safety.

Game Features:

  • Start Menu
  • Control run speed (LEFT/RIGHT ARROWS)
  • Jump (SPACEBARD)
  • Cast Spells (LETTERS)
  • Check Spellbook (TAB)
  • Pause (ESC)

Running The Game:


   1. Activate the virtualenv ("venv\Scripts\activate")

             (Note: skips step 1 if you have pygame and python3 installed already)

   2. Run the game ("python") 


  You will need Python3 and pygame installed

  1. Run the python script ("python")

Please comment with any difficulties or feedback, it would be really appreciated!