The “Tar Bomba” Award

Presented by rdb to:

Marooned! (Gaming32)
In Marooned! you get cast away onto an island by your fellow sea-farers, who have had enough of you. Meet the hostile coconut people and encounter the spirit they worship in Marooned!

If you need help or have questions/feedback, please @mention @Gaming32#6509 in the PyWeek Discord channel.

TowerJumpers (ThEdA_P28)
Solo entry for making a game this time with python on the web.. (Transcrypt). Am Pretty excited about the whole thing.

Play the game in browser: Play

Battle Tower (chrisyan2000)

Battle Tower - A simple 2D game 


You are here to challenge the Battle Tower 

Which will test on your reaction and doging skils 

Search for  patterns between the attacks 

And never give up coming back! 


  • Use [A] [D] [W] [S] to walk around 
  • Hold [SPACE] to attack 


There are a total of 5 stages, the difficulty gets harder 


For windows users: download the BattleTower and run BattleTower.exe 

For Mac and Linux users: download the BattleTower-src, make sure you have pygame1.9.4 installed and are using python 2.7.10. Then run 


Walkthrough Video: 


Bgm credits to branflakes, check out his channel!

The Tower of Torment (Untitled Team (2) (3))

An old-fashioned Wizardry style dungeon crawler, except, yanno, upside down.
A simple (not that that was what I was going for, but...) console-based hard-scifi space trading game. Buy things where there's lots of them, take them to where there's not, sell them there, fry anyone who tries to stop you with 100MW laser cannons.
WaveStopper (Team probably just)
Want to do fluid dynamics with fragment shaders.  Should be hard but doable.