The “let the FULLSCREEN flow through you” Award

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One Room Shack (Verdant Product)

Drinkin beer and catchin fish

Rack up prize money as you compete in an endless cycle of ice fishing derbies. Make sure you're drinking something that the fish you want to catch like and watch out for hungry sturgeons.

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Windows Executable Github:

One Room And A Goblin Invasion (master47)
WARNING: ZIP-BOMB INCOMING! PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Requires: Python 3.4, PyGame 1.9 Programming, Graphics done by me. Forgot to include a README.txt aswell because I was under pressure. Simply double-click to start the game. You're happily living in one room. But suddenly there is a goblin invasion happening. How long can you defend your clean room from too many goblins and their mess they make?
The Floor is Lava (Quikli)
Collect as many coins as you can while trying not to fall in the lava as the floor crumbles below you. Play with up to 3 of your friends on local multiplayer, or up to however many gamepads you have.