The “Zip Bomb” Award

Presented by assertivist to:

TD (Tower Defense / Triple Data) (CandL Development + FAB)
This is as classic of a tower defense game as you can get! Place turrets and bombs and keep the hacker from stealing your data and taking it out of your circuit board!
(Not Alone)
A horror game. Make your way out of the large room. There are other things in the room with you.
Get Out (Mission X)
You are stuck in a room. You must find all the keys and the exit door without getting covered in goo by the exploding monsters all around you. W,A,S,D or arrow key movement mouse click and space bar to force explode a monster if you have enough ammo.
Dojo (Dojo)
Dojo is a minimalistic versus fighting game. In one dojo, with one life, so one hit causes one win.
The gameplay is based on the fact that you can grab the walls and ceiling of the room to jump on your opponent.

I'm currently developing a library called mvctools based on pygame and the MVC pattern.
PyWeek is a good opportunity to see if it can actually be useful :)