The “GNU Emacs Seal of Approval: this game requires ten fingers to be played” Award

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Bit Flags Robo (Petras Zdanavińćius PW 18)

Combine bit flags and kill 3 enemies.

Use keys from '1' to '8' to control a robot:
- 1: Move
- 2: Rotate counterclockwise
- 3: Rotate clockwise
- 4: Turn on sensor. Sensor "sees" and locks itself with a target only if target is the same color as sensor
- 5: Turn on red light. Depends on 4
- 6: Turn on green light. Depends on 4
- 7: Turn on blue light. Depends on 4
- 8: Turn on shooting. Depends on 4 and 5-7. Robot shoots only if target is locked within sensor

Spacekeeper (Forked Tail)
The game is about a dustgirl working on the Earth-Moon route.
But the Moon is gone, so she has to recycle garbages collecting the lunar dust to build it up again.

1.Collect garbages in the space with your ship.
2.Grab with the girl and put them in the correct recycle box. Every correctly rycicled garbage gives you some lunar dust.
3.Once dust is 100% (the red number) go to Earth and take one piece of moon.
4.Take the piece of moon to the Moon.
5.Do it 3 times to rebuild the Moon.

-ship movements are reflected on things inside it
-if dustgirl gets out of the ship try to re-catch her before she goes out of the screen
-if you recycle wrong, you fill the recycle box but you don't get any lunar dust
-you can't recycle if the box is full. go to the Earth to empty it
-pay attention when bouncing on asteroids
-avoid alines, they will try to steal your lunar dust. if tehy get into the ship you can still recycle them
-forgive us for unconfortable control keys
Third go at PyWeek. Can't wait!