The “BALD, BALD, MY EYES!!!” Award

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Space Chopper! (Team SparkleMotion)

The Martians are invading because they are sick of Earth leaving their space trash on their planet. You are Magnus, an ACE space chopper pilot. You must defend the earth, then bring the fight to mars. You want to shoot down UFOs and land to pickup civilians and fly them to the helipad. You can only carry four civilians at a time. Make sure to pickup civilians gently! Space Choppers are heavy when they crash into people.

## Controls & How to Play

W / Right Trigger: Increase Throttle

S / Left Trigger: Decrease Throttle

A / Left Joystick: Pitch Left

D / Right Joystick: Pitch Right

Space / Gamepad X / Gamepad RBumper: Fire

E / Gamepad A: Forward Thrust

Q / Gamepad B: Reverse Thrust

1 / DPad Left: Machine Gun

2 / DPad Right: Missiles

Arrow Keys / Right Stick: Change Direction

0: Reset Chopper