final screenshot

The Wobbling-House

Get into Paco, the main character of the game, and wobble the houses of your enemies until demolish them :-)


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Overall: 3
Fun: 2.6
Production: 2.9
Innovation: 3.4

2% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 18


File Uploader Date
final screenshot
yoldi 2010/04/03 18:48
the final version
yoldi 2010/04/03 18:39
almost finish screenshot
yoldi 2010/04/03 07:41
temporal screenshot
yoldi 2010/04/01 12:41
temporal appearance
yoldi 2010/03/31 23:16

Diary Entries

theme surprise...

The only theme I didn't want to see selected (Wibbly-Wobbly), the theme which was select xDDDD My main reason in order not to want this theme were my english skills; I didn't understand very well the meaning of these words... but after reading some examples in the messages page of other people (thank you all :-) ), I think I have got over the first "shock" and I think I have reorganized my ideas again. We will see the result in 1 week :-)

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steps ahead :-)

Well, after 2 days totally blocked fighting with the internal logic of the game, it seems that I see the "light" again. At least, I can put a screen-shot with the current status (there is a part that really works :-) ). I hope I have time to design better pictures but it depends of the complexity of AI, which I guess will take looong time...

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last steps

I have wasted last 4 fours fighting with a f****** bug, which ended up being not a bug... :-S I will try to improve some last aspects before update it. I think I will update something "playable" :-)

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yeah, I could finish something "playable"

Yeah, I'm so proud of myself :-) I could finish a playable game. I would have like to fix some other details, but I'm in hurry and I can't spend more time with this. I hope it work when you try it (it will be enough for me :-) ). (I tested it in a ubuntu 64, ubuntu 32 and win XP prof.; sorry I couldn't test in a mac machine) Anyway, I hope not forgetting anything in the zip file... Let me know if there is something missing or you find any bug

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some help to play

After showing this small game to my friends and seeing that they find a little bit difficult to play, I have created a small "quick guide". I don't know if this is allowed (I hope so); if doesn't let me know and I will remove it. You can find it here: