The Olde Battleaxe 5

We're back (though it might be a solo this time, we'll see...)


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philhassey 2007/09/07 18:52
Camping Trip!
philhassey 2007/09/06 20:39
KNOB Master!!!
philhassey 2007/09/06 07:07
Hello World!!
philhassey 2007/09/05 23:29

Diary Entries

pug - a 64k version of pgu

download .tgz

I'm not sure if this library is quite pyweek worthy yet (richard - can you comment on this), at the very least, I made a bit of progress and hope to release a better version in the future. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Phil's mini-Utilities for pyGame
"pug" a 64k version of "pgu"
(c) 2007 Phil Hassey

"pug" is meant to be independant of pygame, but at present it only includes drivers for pygame.

cnst - contains all constants like K_q, MOUSEBUTTONDOWN, etc
driver - access to low-level drivers (pygame)
dialog - some handy States for Prompt, Choice, Pause
engine - the state Engine and a default State
gui - a re-written trimmed down version of the pgu.gui API
theme - the gui theme, meant to be customized on a per-game basis

The documentation is in-line in the code, and will be somewhat similar to www.imitationpickles.org/pgu/docs/. The documentation in here is not complete yet.

Feel free to run demo.py to see a sample gui screen.


Hello World

Well, I finally got something!

The exciting bit is that it gets larger when you mouse-over as well as makes a swell clicking noise!

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The KNOB Master!!!

Since I was working on my gui ... and wanted to make a game using it, illume suggested that the best way to do that would be to create a KNOB widget! Here it is in all its glory:

... Gee, I hope a game comes out of this at some point!


Camping Trip!

Well, it looks like we'll be going camping in this pyweek entry --

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