pug - a 64k version of pgu

download .tgz

I'm not sure if this library is quite pyweek worthy yet (richard - can you comment on this), at the very least, I made a bit of progress and hope to release a better version in the future. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Phil's mini-Utilities for pyGame
"pug" a 64k version of "pgu"
(c) 2007 Phil Hassey

"pug" is meant to be independant of pygame, but at present it only includes drivers for pygame.

cnst - contains all constants like K_q, MOUSEBUTTONDOWN, etc
driver - access to low-level drivers (pygame)
dialog - some handy States for Prompt, Choice, Pause
engine - the state Engine and a default State
gui - a re-written trimmed down version of the pgu.gui API
theme - the gui theme, meant to be customized on a per-game basis

The documentation is in-line in the code, and will be somewhat similar to www.imitationpickles.org/pgu/docs/. The documentation in here is not complete yet.

Feel free to run demo.py to see a sample gui screen.

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A couple of quick things:

  1. You've included Vera in your release but not made any mention of licensing.
  2. Please version your releases to reduce potential confusion :)
This release looks a little barren in terms of programmer support - I can see that some of the names are similar to PGU names, so I assume they're the same modules (but is theme the same as pgu's gui.theme? and what's driver?)
Thanks - I've just added all that info to my TODO.txt .. I think I'll mark this release of "pug" as non-compo-worthy. So I won't use it (since I'd have the advantage of knowing what it all does), but if someone else wants to brave it, they can.

BTW - is pyglet "pyweek ready" (though I see it is still in the alpha stage)? If so, I might have to check it out ... At any rate - I like the direction the API is going and hope to use it eventually.

(Although, if I do a solo entry and decide to use it, I'll note that in my entry description as a acceptable reason to mark me disqualified. I guess it'll depend on what game I decide to make.)
Alas Alex hasn't been able to put out a public alpha release of pyglet to make the deadline. I'm most likely going to use it anyway, since there has been an internal alpha release and frankly it's already better-documented at this point than a few of the libraries that've been released for a while :)

pyglet, rabbyt and pymunk look like being the toolset for this comp :)

(and I will offer myself up for disqualification too, since I'll most likely use wydget too, and that's definitely not had any sort of release :)
Maybe you should run an "anything goes" or a "nothing but pygame/pyopengl/python/whatever-comes-with-python" competition this time?
That could be rather fun :)