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Fourth time is the charm! After a *really* frustrating attempt on April (frustrating for everyone who tried to play, that is - I've had a blast making it), I'm back with an even larger array of ideas. Stay tuned!


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Don't you hate when life gets in the way of whatever you want to do? After cleaning my desk, plugging my piano into my computer, hanging my whiteboard on my wall and practicing how to draw fast, two ridiculous deadlines, a test and a new job have thrown me out of the competition, 4 hours before starting.

I guess by now everyone has enough ideas for the competition (I know I did!), but if any of you is still looking for something, this were my ideas for this edition. The descriptions are a bit long, mostly because I'm including the core gameplay ideas:
  • More criticals: a movie director (a short, bald guy) and his main star (a big guy full of muscles) are drinking in a bar, after movie critics have torn their movie to pieces. The director wants to kill every critic he knows (and he knows many of them), but he lacks the strength, while the star wants to kill all critics with his bare hands, but he doesn't know who they are... and a team is born! You control both of them (one at the time, though), first identifying who the critics are in a crowd, and then the actor beats them up. Bonus: you can make one of them ride on the other one's back, depending on what are you trying to do.
  • Mr. Fixit: You work in a production line, where you work along with some guys: Mr. Fax It, the one who arranges working orders (of course, they arrive by fax, hence the name); Mr. Fex It, the one who ships them (by using FEderal Xpress, hence the name); Mr. Fix It, the one who solves problems (that would be you), and the one who sells to clients, Mr. Fox It (who is smart as a fox, hence the name). Unfortunately, you have another coworker who tends to mess up things (hence his name, got it?), so your work is to keep things running, by fixing them fast enough. This idea is surprisingly similar to my previous entry, and since that didn't go so well, this one was my least favorite.
  • Mutate!: You control a creature, and you have to mutate along the moving path - the farthest you make it, the greatest your score. You control three (or more) aspects of mutation: breathing system (lungs or gills), bone density (light, medium or heavy) and terrain (water, land or air). If your terrestrial creature falls into the water without switching to gills, it drowns (conversely, your fish dies on earth if you don't switch to lungs), your bird needs light bones, or it won't fly, and so on. Also, certain combinations are "crimes against nature", and if you hit them you lose immediately (such as a heavy bones fish - you may need more combinations to pull this through).
  • Mysterious Stranger: You can pick one across many superheros, and you have to accomplish a trivial mission (talk to a guy, save a baby from being hit by a car, face the bad guy, and so on). You get a score depending on how many people you saved/killed, and what people thinks about you. For instance, if you choose HiperMan (not to be confused with Superman(c) ), you can easily crush the first guy's hands if you shake his hands too strong (defined by a moving target), losing "citizens injured" points (if you choose not to shake, you lose charisma points); you choose FastForwardMan (again, not related to Flash(c) )? Everything moves sloooooooooowwwwllllyyyyy. How about TorchMan? Good luck trying to save the baby and not burning him to ashes while trying! I think you get the idea. Bonus: if you choose to be the villain, you just burn everything, while laughing maniacally.
  • Negotiator: You are a hard negotiator. With your main weapon, the Gun of Understanding, and your knife, the Blade of Compassion, you must reach the top of a building, "negotiating" with everyone you find in your path. As you may have guessed, I just wanted to make a brawler and this was the perfect excuse.
Anyway, those were my ideas. If anyone has any use for them, well, good luck. On a rather depressing note, I should have enough free time next week, so probably I'll give at least one of this ideas a try, if only to include them in the Pyggy Awards, if there is another instance.
Good luck, everyone!