mata a esas cosas de COLORES - Screen


(eng title: "Kill those colored things")


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Overall: 2.9
Fun: 2.7
Production: 3.3
Innovation: 2.6

1% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 27


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Mata a esas cosas de colores - Rolfe - Final version, polished and with bugfixes
fern17 2010/04/04 23:39
mata a esas cosas de COLORES - Screen
fern17 2010/04/04 00:06

Diary Entries

24 Hours Elapsed

Since I live in a different city than the rest of the team, we had very little time to do the game. Yesterday I didn't sleep, but we got the game to be something playable!!!

Here are some screenshots of the game as it is now:

We don't have sound at the moment, we are waiting for our sound artist to deliver the sounds.

The game is kinda silly, just a point and shoot game, and we tried to do the "wibbly-wobbly" by making enemies take strange forms.

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We're Done!

After a developing time of only 50 hours, we ended the game. It's a basic point and shoot game, but the time wans't our side.

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