PyWeek - Rolfe Team - feedback

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4 4 4

Gooood !!! I feel happy in your game.

3 4 3

Nice high energy music track. Liked the overall presentation.

Well done!

3 3 2

The shooting feels unresponsive. My favourite part was the day/night cycling.

3 3 3

reload is too slow, also when clicked I got the feeling that I missed many times because it reacted slow

3 4 2

Very polished game (nice graphics and sound). This is one of the best entries regarding the production and it was fun too. The idea, to make a shooter game with wobbling targets is not that innovative, but i like the color theme and it's implemented very well.

3 4 3

game is ok

4 4 4

Very well polished, very good graphics. Difficult, though, because there are some pieces that move a lot and have a lot of holes, so it's very hard to aim at them, especially when a group of things of different colors all bundle together (and there's a particular blue one that's full of holes and very hard). I would suggest putting the color of the bullet somewhere in the aim itself so I don't have to keep looking at the bottom of the screen every time. However, one thing I like about the "hard to hit" and "colored targets" combination is that it forces you to switch targets even if you missed one (different to traditional shooters where don't change targets until you hit it). I actually like the fact that it's difficult to hit, but I think the way the "winning bar" below works is a bit flawed (ie, even if I do equally good the whole time, the bar improves at first, but then it starts worsening until it ends). It's quite fun once you get a hang of it, though. It's also fun to look for a spot that's easier to aim at at the enemies, so that made me wonder if procedurally generated enemies would fit well with the game.

2 4 3

The colours always win.

3 4 2

Fun, if kind of hard. I haven't managed to beat the colors. I really like the intro.

4 3 4

Fun and fairly wobbly. I felt like there was a bug that didn't register a win for me when I shot at a same coloured blob .

2 2 3

the shooting wasn't as precise as i would have liked it to be..
but the idea is pretty cool.

2 4 3

Good job on putting together a nice graphical style plus menus, high scores, etc. The game was very hard to play without a trackpad - but you probably expected that. Also I sometimes seemed to encounter a bug where I couldn't move the mouse into the right-hand side of the screen.

It didn't come up, but I was worried I wouldn't be able to play this game as I don't have a right mouse button - it would have been nice to include an alternative option.

3 2 3

I had a little difficulty in aiming properly which hindered my enjoyment a little. However, that might just be me.

4 5 4

Nice music!

3 3 2

the result is quite good; not very innovative but the presentation is very good

1 2 2

didn't like it. Maybe its because it ran kind of sluggish on my PC, maybe its just not my kind of game.

3 4 2


2 2 1

I appreciate that you tried to spice up the basic point and shoot gameplay with the colors, the scale for winning and losing and the wildcard yellow things. But I think your efforts would have better spent on refining the basic shooting gameplay. Especially due to the pixel perfect hit checks it is quite frustrating to hit the rapidly shaking pretzels. And why can I not move the crosshairs to the very right of the field? Of course the damn colors kill me all the time!

3 4 2

I like the game overall. I found the controls were very slow. Often the shot would not register until well after I'd clicked the mouse button, making aiming very hard. Also, I think your use of the theme was kind of weak. If the theme had been screwdriver, you could have made "Kill the screwdriver-shaped colored things" instead of "Kill the wibbly-wobbly colored things".

4 4 4

I love the theme song!

2 3 1

One of the more well produced click-to-kill games in Pyweek.

2 3 2

Slightly difficult.

2 3 3 yes

I don't think this suited the theme.

3 3 2

Nice gameplay, just not very innovative.

2 2 1

very weak effort for a team. i liked the day/night effect

1 3 3

I have the feeling that it does not exactly/correctly track what I'm aiming at, as I had a lot of cases where I directly aimed at the correct color-enemy and still got no hit. Further, please use the skellington next time.

2 3 3

Improving accuracy and responsiveness of clicks would make this game more fun.