The beginning of the menu engine

Spy Challenge - The Rather Ordinary Game Project

This is my first PyWeek entry; I may or may not finish it, and if I do it will be a rather ordinary boring game. Spy Challenge is a provisional name while I think up something better.


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File Uploader Date
The beginning of the menu engine
ajdlinux 2007/04/05 07:05
An enemy police helicopter
ajdlinux 2007/04/04 10:21
Our main character
ajdlinux 2007/04/04 09:21
Planning mindmap as of 200704021756
ajdlinux 2007/04/02 07:56

Diary Entries


This is my first go at PyWeek, and in fact my first go at a real PyGame game. Unfortunately it *has* to be during the week when I have exams, so I may not actually finish it.

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Ok, so now that it's started

I'm going to have to start scheduling.
  • Sunday night (now) - think of ideas while trying to revise for chemistry test.
  • Monday - think of ideas after said chemistry test and start making a proper plan.
  • Tuesday - in between catchup work and studying for software test, start prototyping, making art, etc.
  • Wednesday - *hopefully* start coding
  • Thursday - hopefully continue coding in between work
  • Friday - work on art materials etc.
  • Saturday - do everything else
More will be revealed later.

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  • A jumping game - jump up really really high
  • A spaceship launching thing
  • An escape from the evil villain using a jetpack game
These are just what I thought up in a few minutes at 8:30pm while supposedly studying for the previously mentioned chem test.

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More ideas

  • A spy escaping capture using a jetpack (more specific)
  • A rocket launching game
I have to decide on one of these soon. I've had one expression of interest in joining a team so far, so I *may* actually finish this in time.

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OK, I've chosen my idea

Since there's not that much time left, I've decided to do a spy-escapes-from-enemy-agents-using-a-jetpack game. I think it's sufficiently original. I'll post some more detailed plans here as soon as I have them. I've realised I probably have more time than I think as Good Friday is a public holiday here in Oz.

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Started coding

I've started coding, using the GooeyPy library by Joey Marshall. I haven't gotten very far yet...

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End of day four (AEST that is...)

I've done the SVG files for the spy character and one enemy helicopter - some previews have been posted as screenshots.

I'm currently writing a Menu class for GooeyPy that will automatically arrange a list of items into a menu. I'm going to start coding on the rest tomorrow.

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Possibly pulling out

As I've said before I may not actually finish this time - most of the other groups have almost-playable games...

If only PyWeek was one week later - I've got two weeks off.


Pulling out

With 13 hours remaining, having not done *anything* on the entry today and having *nothing close* to an even slightly playable game, I'm pulling out.

I'm planning to enter next time, and spend a fair bit of time before the contest getting familiar with the libraries.

As for all the graphics and stuff I've put here so far, consider them to be GPL2+.

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