Possibly pulling out

As I've said before I may not actually finish this time - most of the other groups have almost-playable games...

If only PyWeek was one week later - I've got two weeks off.

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Please don't let other teams' progress have any bearing on your participation. It's all good experience!
and remember that its totally possible to make a fun game in 48h! (insert link to ludumdare 48h game comp here)
Do what you can and submit it anyway - the contest is more about what you learn then how well you do against others. I really love my game, but I highly doubt it will have any real gameplay before the deadline, so you can add me to the not-almost-playable pile.
Definitely do not pull out. For myself, my game has barely advanced all week due to work pressures (and interminable conference calls), but I'm still plugging away an hour here, half an hour there. What I submit tomorrow may not be the best I can do ever, but it'll be the best that I can do in the time I have.