i think i will use arcade , built on pyglet. it's 100% pure python library.


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Diary Entries

Gendarmerie Day 1

Today, i was reading Arcade library. I know the kind of gameplay i want.
Having grabbed some PNG, merging demos short examples to build my project.

i discovered existence of bulletML, library to get beatifull shoot'em up effects

I would like this kind of effect but can't make the library work.

Second fail, i'd like to easily convert Midi file to sonic pi:

there is a ruby script but it crash, i dont know how to fix this:

If somebody knows how to fix those, i give you wonderfull awards ;-)

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Gendarmerie Day 2 + day 3

added weapons

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Gendarmerie day 4

Added Tiled TMX files support
very dirty code , need refactoring before going on. not really playable yet.

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day 7 Gendarmerie : giving up but coming soon on github

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