Jetpack Adventure

Game idea is simple. Fly around in the sky with your jetpack as long as you possibly can. Get fuel to fly longer and stars for extra points. Watch out for airplanes!


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Overall: 2.7
Fun: 2.8
Production: 3.1
Innovation: 2.2

12% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 14


File Uploader Date
Jetpack Adventure.zipfinal
paeron 2012/09/15 15:02
paeron 2012/09/14 14:41

Diary Entries

Third PyWeek! Going great!


This is my third time trying to make a game for PyWeek. This may be the first one that I will actually be able to finish! Hooray!

The other times work and real life stuff has been getting in the way and Ive finished up with something half-made and barely playable.

This PyWeek started badly for me, lost 2 whole days due to being away from home.

So, what is complete?

Well, I started writing a little framework that I might keep for the future ( using pyglet ).

So far I got myself a start menu with some basic ui elements and most of my game logic is complete.

My game will be simple yet I think it is kinda fun, nothing to original I guess. Wont spoil the idea just yet.

I do have a few more game elements to write and after that is seems like I will get some time over to make it pretty ( Im an terrible artist but I hope that I will be able to make something that doesnt look really awful ).

Really excited now that I might go all the way!

Screenshot will come along soon, still have too much placeholder graphics that I need to replace.

Now Im off to work!

/ Tommy

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Almost there! + screen

So, time ran away from me as always. Work got busy as usual.

But this time I still got some free hours to work on the game. Even though the "ugly" code came out from me. May refactor everything at a later time. Not pleased at all with the code but it all seems to work fine.

Got a screenshot on my entry page now.

Not too pretty graphics but thats the best I can do with my limited drawing skills and the lack of time I have.

Still have alittle more code to write but it shouldnt take long!

Might actually make it this time!! Excited.

Looking forward to try out all the games!

/ Tommy

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My first pyweek complete. Time has been really limited last days so Im quite pleased to have finished.

Code started nice and ended up a mess :)

Looking forward for all games to play!

/ Tommy

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