Third PyWeek! Going great!


This is my third time trying to make a game for PyWeek. This may be the first one that I will actually be able to finish! Hooray!

The other times work and real life stuff has been getting in the way and Ive finished up with something half-made and barely playable.

This PyWeek started badly for me, lost 2 whole days due to being away from home.

So, what is complete?

Well, I started writing a little framework that I might keep for the future ( using pyglet ).

So far I got myself a start menu with some basic ui elements and most of my game logic is complete.

My game will be simple yet I think it is kinda fun, nothing to original I guess. Wont spoil the idea just yet.

I do have a few more game elements to write and after that is seems like I will get some time over to make it pretty ( Im an terrible artist but I hope that I will be able to make something that doesnt look really awful ).

Really excited now that I might go all the way!

Screenshot will come along soon, still have too much placeholder graphics that I need to replace.

Now Im off to work!

/ Tommy